1 Evion 400 Capsule Can Change Your Skin Overnight

If you haven’t tried it before, you will not believe but it is true. Vitamin E oil is a must ingredient in all expansive beauty products and is easily available near your pharmacy store. The best part is that it is very affordable, 1 capsule that is enough for 1 time use will cost you only Rs 2. This is available with name of Evion 400

Some of the best ways to include this  capsule in your daily beauty routine are given below:

1. Take 1 capsule, pinch it. Take just 1 drop out of it and apply it all over your lips. Or if you prefer to use lip balm, you mix it with that also

2. Add few drops of this oil in your night cream and it will repair all damage in your skin

3. You can use this oil as acne spot treatment. Clean your face and apply this oil all over your acne

4. If you have dark circles, mix almond oil with aloe vera gel and few drops of vitamin E oil. Apply it all over your dark circles. Leave it overnight and wash next morning

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