Chemicals are all around your home – from the building materials to your air fresheners to your furniture. These chemicals can make your home toxic. Thankfully, some indoor plants can help you get more oxygen and get rid of the chemicals, such as formaldehyde. Here is a list of plants that will benefit your health and your family’s as well:

#1: English Ivy – This climbing vine is available in various colors and shapes and best of all, it can clear the air. Keep this in your home to get rid of formaldehyde.

#2: Bamboo Palm 
– Also excellent at eliminating formaldehyde in the air, this plant is great for busy individuals. While the English Ivy needs constant attention, particularly during winter, the bamboo palm is very low maintenance as it only needs a few hours of sun.

#3: Peace Lily
 – This attractive plant that blooms flowers can get rid of acetone, benzene, ammonia, alcohols, and other toxins. This may need a bit of your attention though, as it requires you to wash the leaves a few times a month and should be free from insects.

#4: Phalaenopsis Orchids – These orchids may not be a popular choice, because many homeowners think that they are not easy to care for. The opposite is true, however, since these plants are actually undemanding. Plus, they remove xylene in the air, which is a pollutant that you can find in paints and glues. An alternative choice to Phaeleonopsis is Dendrobium, which is also an orchid that has similar traits.

#5: Ferns – If you open work with nail polishes, glues, and paints, ferns should be a part of your home’s interior. They can eliminate air pollutants, such as xylene and toluene.

#6: Lady Palm
 – If you live in an area that has many insects, this plant is for you. It resists pests and can even get rid of ammonia, so you and your family breathe healthy, clean air.

#7: Philodendrons – Once again, if you are looking for plants that do not need much attention from you, philodendrons are among the best choices. The leaves are uniquely colored, making them a great addition to your home. Plus, they also help rid the air of xylene.

#8: Massangeana Cane – This plant is native to Africa with its wild look that can help you decorate your home. What’s more, it removes formaldehyde in the air, making it an excellent plant that improves health.

#9: Rubber Plant – You don’t have to have a green thumb to plant the Rubber Plant. You just need to water this plant well and it will serve you by sucking formaldehyde in the air.

#10: Pothos
 – You will recognize this plant by its golden leaves shaped like hearts. It is a very hardy plant that can tolerate low light and cold temperatures. It also clears the air by removing formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

Have these plants in your home to breathe purified air that is free from toxic chemicals.

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