7 Exercises To Reduce Back Fat

Most beginners who are new to exercising drastically underestimate the importance of training their backs. What most beginners don’t know is that it is absolutely crucial that you train every muscle in your body adequately so as not to create any muscle imbalances which can lead to injury, joint pain and even back pain.

Most beginners dismiss training their backs because they don’t know the importance of having a strong, developed back. A strong back gives you good posture and will prevent you from slouching. Developing and strengthening the muscles in your back helps provide support for your pelvis and your spine, which makes the movements you do in your daily life more stable. This can include anything from running a 5-kilometer race to moving heavy furniture to even carrying groceries.

It is also important to remember that you won’t lose back fat unless you are on a calorie deficit. You can’t spot reduce fat. Here you will find seven exercises that will help build your back coupled with a healthy and balanced diet. Use these seven back exercises in your workout regimen combined with a workout program for the rest of the muscles in your body, and you’ll be shaped for success in no time. These are also simple to do, but also be sure to incorporate more complex compound exercises in your workouts to further develop your back and the rest of your body. Don’t try any of these until you consult with a professional first.

1. Good Morning/Hip Hinge: This exercise can be used with or without a barbell. Try it with your own body weight first, and then as you progress, add more weight as you see fit.

To perform this exercise, stand up straight and tall. If you are not using a weight, place your hands on your hips or behind your head.

Keep your back tight and your shoulder blades squeezed together. Start by bending at your hips, slowly moving them back as you bend over parallel to the floor, and then bring yourself up to the starting position.  Note: to avoid injury, make sure you do not round your back during this movement.

Not only does this exercise work your lower back and the length of your entire spine, but it also works your glutes and your hamstrings, making for a great compound exercise!

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