70-Year-Old Woman Hasn’t Eaten Sugar For 28 Years And It Looks Like It Paid Off

When people say they aren’t a dessert person, it’s a little shocking. Chocolate cake or candy are two of the things that can brighten someone’s day. Dieting can be hard because you have to give up the sugary goodness.

Of course, too much of something isn’t good for you, but once in a while it doesn’t hurt, right? By the time the weekend comes rolling in, you use your cheat day on something good; probably something that contains a ton of sugar.

But maybe you’ll start thinking twice before craving sugar after you hear about a woman named Carolyn Hartz. She is 70-years-old and is in better shape than most people who are in their 20’s. What’s her secret?

Her secret is that Carolyn has not eaten any sugar for nearly three decades in a bid to stay wrinkle-free and healthy.

We gotta give her some serious respect for the amount of willpower she has. According to Daily Mail, Hartz was addicted to sweets.

But after giving up her sugar intake, Carol’s youthful looks were so noticeable that people could have sworn she had professional work done.

Carolyn is a mother-of-three and an entrepreneur from Perth, Australia. She told Daily Mail that she switched sugar for organic sweeteners instead.

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