Attention Parents – You May Have This Dangerous Bacterium In Your Home Without Being Aware Of It!


You have probably never heard of Rickettsia, a dangerous gram-negative and nonspore-forming bacterium which is transmitted through lice, ticks, fleas and other arthropods. The bacterium is responsible for rickettsia pox, typhus, African tick bite fever, Rocky Mountain fever and other serious infections. The Rickettsia infection can destroy huge groups of cells in the tissues and cause quite a lot of damage in your body.

As we already mentioned, the bacterium is usually transmitted by arthropods such as ticks. The infection usually occurs due to poor hygiene habits and frequent contact with pets infected by fleas or ticks, which can penetrate through the skin and develop the infection.

The main symptoms of the infection are fever, chills, muscle pain, mildly bleeding gums, skin rashes and headaches. In most cases the infection is rarely diagnosed until it fully develops after a few days, so it’s very important to recognize the signs on time and seek immediate medical advice. To prevent the spread of Rickettsia, you need to take good care of your hygiene and always wash your hands after playing with your pet. Wash them with a lot of soap and water, and keep your home as clean as possible while paying special attention to every corner.

Of course, you also need to change your sheets and pillowcases often, something which many people forget to do – this is especially important if you allow your dog or cat on your bed. Like with any other disease, the best way to fight the infection is to prevent it. Don’t allow yourself to become a part of the statistics – take care of your hygiene and keep your home clean in order to avoid getting infected with Rickettsia.

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