You Don’t Have To Eat Eggs For Breakfast. Three Fast Recipes For Breakfast From Which Muscles Will Grow

You don’t have to eat eggs for breakfast so you will get you body full with proteins. We bring you this three fast recepies on the base of proteins that builds all the “stations” in the body and are making muscles stronger

Smoothie from banana and peanut butter

200 ml  low fat milk
1 mature banana
2 spoons peanut butter

Mix all of this ingredients in one mixture and drink it for breakfast

This smoothie has 390 kL, about 17 gr proteins and 45 gr carboxidates, 28 gr sugar and 17 gr fats.
Doručak pun bjelančevina - 2

Barley with youghurt and fruit

Barley mash with youghurt
100 gr barley
170 ml youghurt
1 spoon coconut snowflake
50 gr cherries

Night before cook the barley, mix it with the youghurt and put it in the fridge to cool down. In the morning add to it coconut snowflake and fruit cut into slices. Good cure!

This dish has about 425 kL, 18 gr proteins and 80 gr carboxidates, 5 gr sugar.

Oats mash with strawberries

Oats cream with strawberrie
50ml low fat greek youghurt
50 gr otas snowflakes
1 spoon honey
50 gr strawberries

Mix the oat snowflakes with youghurt and honey, and on the top cut the fresh strawberries. Good cure!
This dish has about 300 kL, 12 gr proteins, 50 gr carboxidates, 6 gr dietary fiber, 20 gr sugar and 4 gr fats.

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