Everyone Has Them, But No One Knows How To Get Rid Of Them Easily! This Trick To Combat Fibromas Works Wonders.

Almost everyone has them, but hardly anyone talks about them — fibromas. Fibromas — also known as pedunculated warts — are benign, little tumors on your skin and are just as common among men as they are among women. They are described as skin tags or tiny little flaps of skin that hang from your skin.

These fibromas or skin tags can form around your neck, in your armpits, behind your legs, your groin area or on your eyelids. They mostly develop where there is friction from skin rubbing or in creases.

Fibromas can often begin to emerge as early as puberty. The cause of their development is not yet known. However, scientists suspect that a weakened immune system is to blame. Medical proof is, however, still non-existent.

Many go to the doctor to have them removed surgically, while others give expensive lotions or oinments a try. While alcohol or peroxide have both proved to be quite effective there is in fact one solution that is much easier to come across as almost everyone has it at home. Apple cider vinegar! The vinegar dries out the fibromas, making them turn dark and eventually causes them to fall off.

Here is how you can apply the vinegar:

Pour some apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and rub it into the fibroma plaguing you. Do this two to three times a day. After daily application, the fibroma’s color will start to change. It will become darker and almost black since it is drying out. Eventually, it will fall off completely. But careful! This method can only be used on fibromas found on your skin. Fibromas in your mouth or eyes require a visit to the doctor: as quickly as possible.

This video explains it all:

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