How To Remove A Headache Without Medication In Three Minutes

From personal experience you are all familiar with the insidious headache, so this advice will impress you. Head massage, a way to improve blood flow to the problem areas, stress relief, also, is one of the ways to reduce pain. We suggest a method that will sometimes help you better than pills.

Massage with a towel, it influences effectively on blood circulation in the area of head and neck which helps to remove pain. In addition, the massaging of the head is a very pleasant procedure.

How to do a therapeutic massage of the head using the towel

Choose the right towel- not too thick. Roll it in a fairly sturdy roller using spiral movements. Press down the towel on the back of the head firmly. Hold it with both hands from both sides in the tightened condition. Move the towel over the head, neck and the shoulders. Do this rhythmically, unfurling the towel, to make that massage intense enough. Do this procedure in an interval of 3-5 minutes, these stimulations would be enough to soften the pain. If the pain does not stop, take a 10 minute break and repeat the massage again.

Manual therapists believe that the most common cause of headaches is the spasm. Spiral massage using a towel relaxes the zones of the head and the neck, works for the elimination of spasms and affects positively with the strangulated vertebrae in the neck.

Massage of the head with a severe headache is good to be combined with additional therapy: drink a cup of mint tea, which will affect on dilation of blood vessels.

The pain will soon disappear!

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