I Could Never Get My Corn On The Cob To Taste Good Until I Used THIS One Secret Ingredient…

We all love corn on the cob. It is a delicious yellow food and it is always great to eat.

If you too boil the corn into water, it is time to find out that you are doing it wrong. Do not hate us for saying it.


However, it is time to discover the trick that will show you how to cook it the right way. You will love it, and you will certainly tell all your friends about it.

The majority of us cook the ears of corn in hot water, but the best chefs do it a bit differently.

If you want to improve the flavor of the corn and make it juicier, bring the pot to a boil and then add some milk and butter while your corn cooks.

When your corn is ready and you take it out of the pot, it is going to be loaded with full-taste as each of the kernels absorbs the delicious taste of the butter and the milk. Now, you won’t have to slather the corn in butter before consuming. This is also going to help you to avoid making mess, especially if you have children.

Maybe some of you also have a special way of preparing the corn on the cob? You can try this one too and then tell us which one is better or simply share your secret with the rest of us.

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