Never Ignore These 7 Types Of Pain

Whenever you experience pain and discomfort in your head, stomach, or leg, the first thing that you do is to pop painkiller, which cures the pain which enables you to get on with your normal life. And you tend to ignore it afterwards, never thinking much about the said pain.

Pain is an indication of something wrong with that part of body in which it manifests. Not every type of pain is grave, but there are definite signs that you should know to differentiate between pain that you should ignore and pain that you should see your doctor for comfort. Painkillers is not a good idea if they are taken frequently and that’s the reason why you should not ignore the following types of pain.


1. Severe/thunderclap head pain
Effect: An aneurysm which is an inflamed area in an artery.

This thunder clap head pain does not go away like a normal headache. A normal headache tends to go away of you pop a painkiller and that does not require immediate attention. The only way to tell a migraine from a normal headache is the migraine makes your head spin and you become queasy.

Migraine also causes you to become extremely sensitive to bright light and loud sound. It also becomes intense little by little.

If you experience such pain, please seek immediate attention of your doctor and the doctor will certainly send you for a CT scan to check for any blood seeping into the brain. If there is hemorrhaging, you would have to undergo surgery to take care of the bleeding.

2. Sharp throbbing between the shoulder blades
Effect: Heart attack or Arthritis

This pain is particularly common amongst females and comes along with severe jaw pain; difficulty in breathing and the feeling of vomiting. If it is a muscular pain, it will be duller and the onset is slow. But if it’s a heart attack, the onset of pain is more sudden and the intensity is very sharp.

One should immediately call for an ambulance and don’t try to drive yourself to the hospital as it can be dangerous.

3. Middle back pain with fever
Effect: Kidney infection

If you are experiencing fever and nausea along with severe back pain, it is an indication of something very serious.

Another common occurrence in women, it manifests when bacteria from the urinary tract spreads to the kidneys and then it causes serious infection. The start of this pain may be similar to UTI indicators, and is most likely to be ignored. If the infection remains untreated, your kidneys can be it destroyed.

The doctor can treat the infection with a simple antibiotic course.

4. Dull pain that affects the lower right of the stomach
Effect: Appendicitis

The pain will usually start form the center of the belly and will gradually become worse in a course of a day. If you suffer from this sort of pain, you need emergency medical care. If your appendix bursts, bacteria from the intestine and colon can enter your stomach and the infection can spread to your whole body.

The only way to cure this is by performing surgery.

5. Menstrual cramps that don’t get cured by medicines
Effect: Endometriosis

Menstruation is a monthly pain that every female goes through after reaching puberty. Mostly this pain can be managed by taking medicines, but if the pain becomes unbearable, one needs to contact their doctors instantly.

The severe and constant pain can be from a condition called endometriosis and it needs surgery to remove the tissue as it can hamper fertility.

6. Intense pain in teeth
Effect: Teeth grinding

If you grind your teeth regularly during sleep, this can cause the nerves to become swollen and the enamel on the teeth to deteriorate. The teeth also become cracked and weak due to grinding and one needs immediate medical care.

The doctor will advise patient to wear a night guard to prevent clenching and even perform a root canal to remove bacteria.

7. Back pain with tingling toes
Effect: Slipped disc

Normally back pain is cured by heating and icing the affected area. But if it is accompanied by tingling feeling in the toes, it could be cause due to a slipped disc in your spine.

The pain can occur when you lift something really heavy and don’t go away using heating pads and icing. A disc which is a soft ring that acts as a cushion between the bones in the spine presses on the spineal nerve. If you don’t see a medical professional and leave it untreated, the condition can cause permanent damage to your nerve and spine.

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