Removal Of Face Spots In Just 3 Nights

Here you can see the best way to use some recipes for brightening skin and removing spots of the face. The cures are all natural and have no side effects.

Lemon juice and potato– you need 1 potato and ½ lemon juice. Mash the potato, then get lemon juice and mix these. Apply on the face and massage in circle movements. After 20 min, rinse with water. These items make skin whiter and bleached.

Onion and potato– get ½ onion and 1 potato. Mix the items in blender, apply on the face and after 15 min rinse with cold water.

Cucumber and potato– get ½ cucumber and 1 potato. Mix the veggies in blender and clean the face. Put this mask and rub in circle motions. After 25 min rinse with cool water.

Carrot and potato– get ½ carrot and 1 potato. Like before, mix them in blender and apply on clean face. After 20 min, wash with water.

Use these masks regularly for amazing skin!

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